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Racer Ephedra offers the largest selection of ephedra diet pills available to buy and free shipping. Find the best ephedra products from 10mg to 100mg plus and every where in between. Racer Ephedra constantly is updating with the most current and premier weight loss supplements to continue to offer the best and most complete ephedra diet pill offering. The ephedra offered for sale at Racer Ephedra are not part of the FDA ban on ephedra.

Ephedra is by far the most used weight loss ingredient in the market. It has even been used for centuries in traditional Chinese herbals and medicine. Another term commonly used for ephedra is Ma Huang.

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History of Ephedra

Ephedra is a shrub originally used for thousands of years in China. The active ingredient ephedrine alkaloid was first extracted in 1885. It wouldn't be until the 1920's that it was started to be used for asthma relief. Ephedra would eventually become popular with the mainstream for energy and weight loss. Though there was a ban on ephedra the ephedra sold today is legal herbal form. (1)

Every ephedra diet pill on Racer Ephedra is 100% legal and not part of the initial ban on ephedra products.

Types of Dietary Supplements for Sale

There are more than 60 species of ephedra plants. For sale the original ephedra used for therapeutic benefits came from China though today's ephedra can be found in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The non-pharmaceutical compounds of ephedra contain alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, polysaccharides, and more natural materials. Research in the natural extracts of ephedra have found anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-obesity, and diuretic benefits. Current research has studied the antibacterial and antifungal benefits of ephedra. (2)

The goal with Racer Ephedra is to offer the largest selection of ephedra products that allow the consumer to find the right one for their specific goals and weight loss needs. Many of the ephedra diet pills have proprietary blends of key weight loss ingredients that supports ephedra is maximizing fat burning potential. Also, each different ephedra diet pill comes in different dosages of ephedra. It is important to find the right dosage for each individual responds differently to different amounts of ephedra.

Safety and Side Effects

Is ephedra safe to use? This is the question that researchers have attempted to answer. The issue with ephedra side effects and safety is the multiple variables effecting results including the person themselves besides species, strain, and storage. Each one of these factors can influence absorption and metabolic attributes. Every person has a variety of issues that have potential influences diseases, prescription drugs, other supplements illicit drug consumption, and diet that interact with the side effects of ephedra. The overall history of research supports ephedra as safe to use. It should be noted that the FDA has raised concerns over ephedra though those concerns have been done about different species than the one sold today. (3)


Ephedra diet pills are nutritional supplements and not medication. Racer Ephedra offers ephedra supplements over the counter and with no prescription. Therefore, everyone can utilize the health and weight loss benefits. The top selling and cutting-edge weight loss ingredients are not prescription drugs. Racer Ephedra delivers the best non-medication weight loss products. 

USA Legality and FDA Banned

The ban on ephedra relates to sales of dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids. A recent study investigated the claims and information on websites claiming to sell ephedra diet pills. The conclusion of the study was that 20% of websites had potential problems with the ban on ephedra alkaloids. Racer Ephedra has a large selection of ephedra supplements that are legal and attempt to give the most accurate information on formulations. Man of the products listed on Racer Ephedra do contain popular weight loss ingredients of caffeine, green tea, yohimbe, and phenylethylamine (PEA alkaloids). (4)

Ephedra diet pills are often designed for those looking for strong weight loss pills and fat burners. Typically ephedra diet pills are some of the strongest weight loss supplements on the market. Racer Ephedra offers ephedra diet pills with 100mg of real ephedra that deliver some of the strongest fat burning power you can find.

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