Caffeine is a common chemical that can be found in many of the different foods and drinks people consume including coffee, soft drinks, teas, guarana, and more. One of the most normal uses for caffeine is mental alertness though there are many things caffeine can benefit.

Benefits of Caffeine

There is a long list of potential benefits for caffeine though for the information listed below focuses on energy, mental alertness, and weight loss. There are many studies looking at the weight loss benefits of taking caffeine, as well as, high dosages of caffeine are often combined in diet pills.

Research has show positive benefits to drinking beverages that contain caffeine throughout the day to support mental alertness (1). Sugar which is often found in energy drinks, some coffees, and soft drinks has been shown to improve the alertness power of taking caffeine alone.

Caffeine has been shown in research to increase performance in sports including both activities that include strength and endurance. Common sports associated with increased performance with caffeine are running, golfing, cycling, rugby, (2) and soccer. A key aspect to sports performance is the that consistently taking caffeine can create a tolerance reducing the performance benefits.

A key study showed that taking 192mg of caffeine combined with 90mg of ephedra for 6 months (3) supported weight loss gains of 11.66 pounds in overweight individuals. Many of the studies as it relates to weight loss also combined reduced fat diets with an exercise program.

Is Caffeine a Stimulant?

Yes, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that affects the heart, muscles, and blood pressure as one of the most common stimulants consumed by dieters, athletes, and people in general. Energy drinks, coffee, and sodas are common ways people consume caffeine for its stimulant properties.

Caffeine and Ephedra

There are very few ephedra diet pills that don't contain caffeine. One of the major reasons is the list of studies that have shown positive benefits for weight loss when ephedra and caffeine are combined. In one 6-month study combining 192mg of caffeine with 90mg of ephedra showed a significant increase in weight loss over the control group without any serious side effects. In another short term 8 week study (4) the combination of ephedra and caffeine also demonstrated greater weight loss and fat loss over the placebo group.

Ephedra, Caffeine, and Aspirin Stack (ECA Stack)

One of the most common formulations in ephedra diet pills is as an ECA stack. Aspirin is often listed as white willow bark. There is plenty of research studies on the benefits of caffeine and ephedra as it relates to weight loss though finding studies focusing on an ECA stack is limited to non-existent. What is not non-existent is the total of weight loss supplements that have this combination. It is very possible that other benefits of aspirin may support dieters though that would be information for another page.

Dosages of Caffeine

The products offered at Racer Ephedra have a large discrepancy as it relates to dosages with some as low as 50mg and some as high as 300mg. Racer Ephedra has supplement labels for every product so important to determine what is the right amount of caffeine for everyone.

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