What is Biotin?

Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 is a water soluble B-vitamin that is not stored in your body. This vitamin has several important functions in the body including healthy skin, hair and nails. Biotin is also important for the conversion of food (1) in our bodies into metabolic energy and the function of carboxylases enzymes that contain biotin. These enzymes help with the production of glucose and fatty acids in metabolic pathways to help breakdown fats, carbohydrates, and other substances. It is very rare to see someone deficient in Biotin although half of pregnant women may develop a very mild deficiency.

Biotin has many benefits

Biotin assists in energy production through enzymes that they are found in to help with fatty acid synthesis and the breakdown of amino acids. If you have brittle, cracked, or split nails, biotin might be beneficial by strengthening weak nails. Biotin might also be helpful for those with thinning hair or hair loss by increasing hair growth and making it stronger. Pregnant and breastfeeding women might need to increase their intake of Biotin due to it breaking down faster during pregnancy. Those with type 2 diabetes might see blood sugar (2) reduced when combined with chromium and Biotin. Deficiency in biotin might be seen in those with cradle cap or red, scaly skin rashes. Lastly, Biotin might have helpful benefits for those with Multiple sclerosis which affects the central nervous system. Some studies have shown that higher doses of Biotin might produce myelin the protective sheath that covers the nerve fibers in the brain, eyes, and spinal cord.

Dosage recommendations for Biotin supplements are as follows (consult your physician for specific Biotin pill dosages): 7 mcg per day for infants 0-12 months 8 mcg for children 1-3 years old 12 mcg for children 4-8 years old 20 mcg for children 9-13 years old 25 mcg for teenagers 14-18 years old 30 mcg per day for adults 18 years and older 35 mcg per day for women breastfeeding.

Biotin can be beneficial for those with skin problems, brittle nails, and certain health issues. You can buy Biotin for sale at Racer Ephedra.

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