Acacia Rigidula

Acacia rigidula is an herbal supplement ingredient found in Texas and Mexico that is used in weight loss supplements for its stimulant properties. The chemicals in Acacia rigidula is what gives it energy stimulating effects like phenethylamine. Racer Ephedra offers many different legal diet pills that contain acacia rigidula to buy with many of them also contain ephedra.

Acacia rigidula and the FDA

The chemical phenethylamine is found naturally in acacia rigidula though in some cases in nutritional supplements in large dosages than are naturally occurring. The FDA found that some weight loss supplements listing acacia rigidula on the nutritional label also contained beta-methylphenethylamine (1) (BMPEA) which is not a naturally occurring form of phenethylamine. The FDA has stopped the sale of acacia rigidula supplements that contain the chemical BMPEA as it is considered an adulterated product and not naturally occurring.

Acacia Rigidula and Weight Loss

There is no current research on the weight loss benefits of acacia rigidula. Acacia rigidula is added to weight loss formula as many of the chemicals and alkaloids that naturally occur have stimulant properties (2). Phenethylamine alkaloids have become a hot ingredient in diet pills which can be found naturally in acacia rigidula. The research that has been done on acacia rigidula has monthly been on ingredients found in dietary supplements containing acacia rigidula.

Acacia Rigidula Benefits

The benefits of acacia rigidula are still a matter of debate as some consumer swear by the products and there isn't enough science for concrete conclusions. Acacia rigidula is often used for weight loss and athletic performance.

Acacia Rigidula Pills and Products for Sale

Racer Ephedra offers legal products with acacia rigidula that are available to buy with free shipping. Though there presently no research studies demonstrating weight loss results some of the most popular ephedra diet pills for weight loss like Green Stinger and Thinquik both contain acacia rigidula.

Acacia Rigidula Side Effects

There are presently no known side effects of acacia rigidula. As a stimulant, acacia rigidula can have the same effects as other stimulant supplements. Complaints are small in number as it relates to acacia rigidula and hard to know what ingredient the culprit is as often formulated with a wide variety of stimulating compounds.

Acacia Rigidula Legal

Racer Ephedra stays up to date with the latest from the FDA so the products listed are legal to buy. This can change at any time as the FDA makes new decisions best on dietary ingredients on a regular basis.

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