Many research studies and clinical trials have investigated the health benefits of the herb turmeric. The herb has been used for centuries in India for a variety of medicinal purposes. There is research supporting over ten different health benefits with the consumption of turmeric or its active compounds. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are two of the biggest benefits associated with it.

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. With curcumin found in low doses in the turmeric herb, most of the turmeric supplements are turmeric extract that contain just curcumin itself. Curcumin is absorbed poorly through the body and is often combined with black pepper (1) or to increase bioavailability.

Turmeric is good for Inflammation

Anti-inflammation properties are one of the leading benefits for taking turmeric supplements. There are numerous studies showcasing the health benefits of reducing inflammation with the use of turmeric or curcumin directly. Click on the (2) to read more about one study that demonstrated that curcumin is a more potent anti-inflammatory than ibuprofen.

Turmeric is good for antioxidants

Metabolic stress and disorders from free radical damages is a leading cause of health issues in America. Antioxidants are responsible for the absorption of free radicals supporting greater overall health. One of the leading benefits for turmeric is not just as an antioxidant though in the ability to increase the antioxidant ability of the body. In one study (3) found curcumin to be a strong antioxidant to support issues from mercury exposure.

Turmeric is good for increased brain functioning

There are a variety of studies looking at the benefits of turmeric as it relates to supporting greater brain functioning and fighting effects of different brain disorders and issues. In one study (4), researchers found positive benefits for depressed patients without having to take antidepressant medications.

Turmeric is good for fighting heart disease

Many studies have looked into the positive benefits of curcumin and the heart especially the endothelial which is the lining in blood vessels. Endothelial dysfunction can have serious issues regulating blood pressure and problems with blood clots which are all factors supporting heart disease. In one study (5) of menopausal women taking curcumin with aerobic exercise increased endothelial functioning.

There are even more demonstrated benefits for taking turmeric as a nutritional supplement. The key in any supplement is the ability to absorb curcumin. Piperine has been shown to increase absorption and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has claimed to found a delivery system that increases bioavailability greater than any other supplement that was on the market.

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