DMHA, also referred to as Octodrine, is a central nervous system stimulant that is common in the latest cutting-edge weight loss supplements. The question most people has does DMHA work for weight loss and support bodybuilding. If you check the nutritional facts of the latest diet pill, DMHA is often listed as 2-Aminoisoheptane HCL.

Is DMHA banned by the FDA?

The FDA has not officially banned the use of DMHA though it has concerns about is use and dosage in supplements. The FDA (1) has sent warning labels to key supplement brands that are producing DMHA supplements with Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals being the #1 manufacturer. The key to the warnings is in where the DMHA in the herbal supplements are naturally occurring or an adulterated synthetic compound. As of the writing of this page the DMHA produced by Hi Tech is legal, and Racer Ephedra will stay on top of any new developments.


DMAA was once the hottest energy and weight loss ingredient on the market. After the ban on DMAA, people have been looking for similar results in a new supplement. DMHA has a similar chemical structure to DMAA and has similar stimulating effects. As both are strong central nervous system stimulants, DMHA has become the new DMAA alternative for those looking for similar weight loss and energy benefits.

DMHA Benefits

DMHA is a central nervous system stimulant and as a stimulant has potential benefits of increasing energy, increasing mental focus, decreasing levels of fatigue, increasing bronchial dilation, and increasing metabolic rate. Independent studies directly looking into the benefits of DMHA are needed to fully understand the potential for this new energy compound. Click the  link (2) to see the research on DMHA.

DMHA for Weight Loss

Most weight loss supplement primary ingredients are stimulants. The simple concept of burn more energy and calories which leads to losing more weight. DMHA is a strong stimulant and now common in many of the leading weight loss supplements. DMHA is often formulated with other weight loss ingredients like ephedra, synephrine, caffeine, and yohimbe. Click the  link (3) to see the research on DMHA for weight loss.

Is DMHA a fat burner?

DMHA is a stimulant. How stimulants work to burn more fat has been shown in different research studies. There is no direct research measuring the fat burning effect of DMHA as it is a new weight loss compound that needs further research. The leading fat burner supplements are now adding DMHA into its blends with inclusion of other fat burner herbs like yohimbe and ephedra.

DMHA for Bodybuilding

Stimulants are common for bodybuilders and used in a variety of products. Stimulants are typically the leading ingredients in pre workout and weight cutting supplements. DMAA was once the top energy ingredient for bodybuilding supplements. DMHA now has the potential to take over that mantle and be a reliable high energy stimulating compound.

DMHA for Sale

Racer Ephedra offers DMHA supplements for sale with the best prices and free shipping on orders over $49. Find the hottest weight loss supplements that have included DMHA into their formulations including Black Widow, Lipodrene Hardcore, and Stimerex Hardcore. DMHA is legal to buy and has not been banned by the FDA.

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