Raspberry Ketones

What are Raspberry Ketones?

A Raspberry Ketone is the aroma you smell from red raspberries. You can also find the natural phenolic compound in other berries like the blackberry and cranberry as well as other fruits. There are many products that the fragrance and flavor of raspberry ketones have been added to such as cosmetics, soap, candles, colas, ice cream, and candy to name a few. It is also found in supplements aiding weight loss. Most supplements use a synthetic raspberry ketone since it is very expensive to purchase the natural compound from the fruit. Raspberry Ketone supplements became very popular in 2012 from the Dr. Oz TV show featuring the compound for weight loss.

Does It Work?

Raspberry Ketone molecular structure is similar to that of synephrine that is a stimulant and capsaicin. These molecular compounds have been shown to aid in lipid metabolism activation and help prevention of obesity by boosting of metabolism. The hormone adiponectin which helps metabolism regulation might increase with raspberry ketones. Studies believe that raspberry ketones can have the same effect since in their research of mice the effects showed for obesity and fatty liver that it improved and helped prevent them from occurring. Raspberry ketones may help decrease belly fat quicker possibly by breaking down more effectively the fat within the cells. (1)

Raspberry Ketones and Weight Loss Benefits

One of the potential benefits is aiding in weight loss. The compound may help with weight loss since there might be an increase in metabolism from adiponectin a hormone that can possibly increase fat burning and suppress appetite. One study in rodents showed a positive altering of metabolism in lipids, improving obesity and fatty liver. (2) One human study comprised of 70 obese subjects that were put into either a supplement or placebo for 8 weeks. During this 8 week study both groups had a restricted caloric diet and an exercise program. The multi-ingredient supplement contained raspberry ketone, caffeine, capsaicin, garlic, ginger, and Citrus Aurantium. Results showed from the study that the subjects who took the supplement saw improvements in weight, body fat, waist and hip girth compared to those taking the placebo. The study cited above showed a 7.8% decrease of fat from taking the multi-supplement whereas the placebo group only saw a 2.8% fat loss. (3)

Other Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

There may be other potential benefits that raspberry ketones may help with. One study using obese rodents as subjects saw it helping the metabolism by controlling hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance. Raspberry ketones might also help with reducing inflammation of the liver and fat reduction was the conclusion from a study involving rats. (4) Those who find their hair thinning might find it beneficial to hair growth by 50% when applied to the scalp topically. (5) The same study showed an improvement in skin elasticity through the activation of sensory neurons with an increase in production of dermal IGF-I. (6)

CLA and Raspberry Ketones

There are some weight loss supplements on the market today that contain both CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Raspberry Ketones. This type of a body toner might help with losing weight for a better and healthier appearance. CLA is a trans fatty acid and is believed to increase metabolism.

Side Effects of Raspberry Ketones

Some possible side effects can include jitters, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, and increased blood pressure.


Most Raspberry Ketone supplements come in capsule form. Many manufacturers recommend 100-400 mg, 1-2 times per day. Always check the directions on each product for the recommended doses.

Where to Buy Raspberry Ketones

There are many different brands of supplements that you can buy that include raspberry ketones as an ingredient. Some Raspberry Ketone supplements you can buy for sale at RacerEphedra.com include Sliminex, China White, and Ephedrene.

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