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Cirsium Oligophyllum Extract

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Cirsium Oligophyllum, a perennial edible plant from the thistle family and native to Africa and Europe, has recently garnered attention not just for its nutritional value, but also for its potential in supporting fat loss efforts. A pivotal study in 2009 by Japanese scientists highlighted its inclusion in dietary supplements, pointing out its significant role in thermogenic fat burning, making it a staple in the arsenal of herbal thermogenics aimed at weight management. This research has led to a surge in the interest around Cirsium Oligophyllum extract and supplements as a method to enhance lipolysis and promote fat burning.

Reflecting on the study's findings, this article delves into the scientific mechanisms behind Cirsium Oligophyllum's ability to burn fat, its application in popular fat loss supplements like Oxyelite Pro and Hyperdrive 4.0, and the efficacy of topical applications in aiding weight management. Through exploring the biochemical pathways activated by Cirsium Oligophyllum supplement, readers will gain insights into how this herbal thermogenic contributes to fat loss and why it has become a sought-after ingredient in the health and wellness industry.

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What is Cirsium Oligophyllum?

Cirsium Oligophyllum is a perennial plant that belongs to the thistle family, primarily found in East Asia, particularly in central Japan. This herbaceous perennial thrives in sunny grasslands and along the margins of temperate forests. It features a basal cluster of leaves and a flowering stem, which can vary in height from 30 to 120 cm. The plant is not only notable for its aesthetic appeal but also for its various uses; every part of Cirsium Oligophyllum, including the roots, leaves, and flowers, is edible. However, while the roots and leaves require cooking, the flowers can be consumed raw or fried.

Botanical Description and Uses

The plant's flower head measures approximately 4 cm in diameter, hosting small tubular flowers surrounded by an involucre about 1.5-2 cm long, which is tongue-shaped. Cirsium Oligophyllum blooms from August to mid-October, reaching heights of about 50 cm to 1 meter. It is typically found along specific trails known as "Ura Takao" and "Oku Takao".

Culinary Applications

In terms of culinary use, young leaves of Cirsium Oligophyllum are often cooked and incorporated into soups or fried dishes. The roots, being slender with scarcely developed rhizomes, are usually scraped into pieces, steeped in water, and preserved in miso. Additionally, the flower heads can be a delightful addition to salads or fried for a unique dish.

Propagation and Environmental Adaptation

Cirsium Oligophyllum grows from a slender rootstock with scarcely developed rhizomes and is propagated by seeds. Sowing can occur in early spring or autumn directly in situ, with germination typically taking place within 2 - 8 weeks at a temperature of around 20°C. This plant is harvested from the wild for local use, not only as a food source but also for its material benefits, with no known hazards associated with its use.

The botanical name of this plant is Cirsium oligophyllum, and it has several synonyms, including Cirsium autumnale, Cirsium nikkoense, Cnicus nikkoensis, and Cnicus oligophyllus. This versatility and adaptability make Cirsium Oligophyllum a significant plant both ecologically and economically within its native regions.

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Scientific Research on Lipolysis Promotion

Key Studies and Findings

Experimental Studies on Animals

  1. A research study combined Cirsium Oligophyllum whole plant extract with caffeine and propranolol and applied it to Wistar rats for 32 days, observing a significant 23.2% reduction in fat mass.
  2. Another study demonstrated that peroral administration of a 10% Cirsium Oligophyllum solution to Wistar rats over the same period decreased body weight gain, subcutaneous, and visceral fat weights by 6.6%, 26.2%, and 3.0%, respectively.
  3. The topical application of a 2% Cirsium Oligophyllum extract to rats for 7 days resulted in a 23.2% reduction in the weight of subcutaneous fat.

Mechanisms of Action

  1. Cirsium Oligophyllum extract has shown to enhance lipolysis in subcutaneous adipose tissue, which is generally less responsive to hormonal influences than visceral adipose tissue.
  2. The extract's lipolysis-promoting activity was found to be synergistically enhanced by caffeine and reduced by propranolol, indicating a dependency on the β adrenergic receptor for its fat-reducing effects.

Thermogenesis and Metabolic Rate

  1. Studies have found that Cirsium Oligophyllum induces thermogenesis, which is a process of heat production in organisms, contributing to weight loss in animal models.
  2. The addition of Cirsium Oligophyllum to the diet supplement OxyELITE Pro led to increased plasma glycerol and free fatty acids, indicating elevated lipolysis and an increase in metabolic rate among both men and women.

Biochemical Implications

  1. The reduction in fat mass is accompanied by the up-regulation of uncoupling proteins, specifically UCP1 in subcutaneous fat and UCP3 in the skin, excluding the fat layer. These proteins are involved in the dissipation of the proton gradient generated in mitochondria, thereby enhancing energy expenditure and reducing fat storage.
  2. The observed increase in heart rate and blood pressure in studies suggests a significant increase in myocardial work, which could be a concern for individuals with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions.

Future Research Directions

  1. Further studies are needed to explore the chronic effects of Cirsium Oligophyllum on body weight and fat loss, with a focus on understanding the metabolic and biochemical markers of health.
  2. Human clinical trials are essential to confirm the efficacy of Cirsium Oligophyllum extract as a weight-loss supplement and to establish safe dosage guidelines.

Natural Herbs for Fat Loss with Cirsium Oligophyllum

Benefits for Weight Management

Cirsium Oligophyllum, recognized for its fat-burning capabilities, offers several advantages for weight management, supported by both experimental and clinical studies. Below is a detailed examination of its benefits:

Efficacy in Fat Reduction

  1. Significant Fat Loss in Experimental Models: Research involving Wistar rats treated with a combination of Cirsium Oligophyllum extract, caffeine, and propranolol over 32 days demonstrated a notable 23.2% reduction in fat mass, highlighting its potential effectiveness in fat loss.
  2. Reduction in Body Weight and Fat Accumulation: Further studies indicate that peroral administration of a 10% Cirsium Oligophyllum solution to rats not only reduced body weight gain but also significantly decreased both subcutaneous and visceral fat weights by 26.2% and 3.0%, respectively.

Mechanisms of Action

  1. Stimulation of Fatty Acids for Fuel: Cirsium Oligophyllum acts as a beta-2 agonist, which stimulates fatty acids to be used as fuel, thereby aiding in weight reduction.
  2. Synergistic Effects with Caffeine: The fat-burning properties of Cirsium Oligophyllum are enhanced when combined with caffeine, offering a synergistic effect that promotes more efficient fat metabolism.

Safety and Tolerability

  1. Well-Tolerated with Minimal Side Effects: Generally considered safe for consumption, Cirsium Oligophyllum's most common side effect reported is gas, with no significant interactions or dangers associated with its use.
  2. Clinical Proven Ingredient: Recognized as a clinically proven ingredient for weight loss, Cirsium Oligophyllum is part of the thistle family and is completely edible, making it a versatile addition to dietary supplements.

Systematic Benefits

  1. Suppression of Body Fat Accumulation: The inclusion of Cirsium Oligophyllum in diet aids not only supports weight loss but may also contribute to the systematic suppression of body fat accumulation, potentially controlling fat distribution in cases of obesity.

This comprehensive analysis underscores Cirsium Oligophyllum's role as an effective component in weight management strategies, offering a natural and safe approach to combat obesity and promote healthier body composition.

Hyperdrive 4.0 and Hydroxyelite

Product Overview and Availability

  1. HyperDrive 4.0: Manufactured by ALRI, a brand under Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, HyperDrive 4.0 is formulated with Cirsium Oligophyllum extract. This ingredient is clinically proven to aid in weight loss by stimulating fat loss and acting as a beta-2 agonist. The product is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer's website or through various retailers. Each bottle, priced at $29.95, contains an unspecified number of capsules, originally listed at $59.90 .
  2. HydroxyElite: Another prominent product containing Cirsium Oligophyllum extract is HydroxyElite, priced at $39.95 and available from the Racer Ephedra website. This supplement is similar to the once-popular OxyELITE Pro, which also featured Cirsium Oligophyllum as a key fat loss ingredient.

Detailed Product Information

  1. Ingredients and Formulation: Besides Cirsium Oligophyllum, HyperDrive 4.0 includes several other active ingredients like Caffeine Anhydrous, Methylsynephrine, Hordenine, Black Peppercorn Extract, R-Lipoic Acid, OEA, and Piperine. These compounds are combined to enhance the thermogenic and fat-burning effects of the supplement.
  2. Dosage and Usage Guidelines: For both HyperDrive 4.0 and HydroxyElite, the recommended starting dosage is one capsule in the morning for the first two days to assess tolerance. If well-tolerated, an additional capsule may be taken in the afternoon. Users are advised not to consume the capsule after 5 PM to avoid sleep disturbances due to the stimulant content.
  3. Precautions and Safety: These products contain ingredients that might be banned by some sports organizations or could lead to a false positive on drug tests. Consumers are encouraged to consult with their sport organization or physician before starting these supplements.

Consumer Information

  1. Target Audience: While these products are suitable for both men and women, as there are no gender-specific ingredients, all potential users should follow a meal plan recognizing that diet plays a crucial role in weight loss.
  2. Manufacturing Standards: HyperDrive 4.0 is produced in a facility that adheres to GMP Certification of Excellence and is FDA registered, ensuring high standards of production and safety.

Topical Application and Its Efficacy

Human Studies on Topical Application

  1. Effect on Subcutaneous Fat Thickness: A study involving twenty resistance-trained men evaluated the changes in subcutaneous fat thickness. The results showed no significant differences between the placebo and treatment legs for the change in subcutaneous fat thickness of the front thigh (p = 0.73) or for leg fat percentage (p = 0.52).
  2. Lateral Thigh Fat Reduction: There was a slight yet significant difference in the change in subcutaneous fat thickness of the lateral thigh favoring the treatment leg (−0.42 vs +0.75 mm, p = 0.029). However, this difference was not consistent across different statistical tests.
  3. Participant Perception: Only 2 out of 19 participants reported perceiving a difference in fat loss between the treated and placebo conditions.
  4. Overall Efficacy: The topical lotion tested showed a statistically significant greater reduction in subcutaneous fat at the lateral thigh. Nonetheless, the effect size was very small, contingent upon the statistical test used, and was not perceivable by most participants.

Animal Studies on Topical Application

  1. Reduction in Subcutaneous Fat: Topical application of 2% Cirsium Oligophyllum extract to rats for 7 days led to a significant reduction in the weight of subcutaneous fat in the treated skin by 23.2%.
  2. Mechanism Behind Fat Reduction: The observed reduction in fat mass was accompanied by the up-regulation of uncoupling proteins. Specifically, UCP1 in subcutaneous fat and UCP3 in the skin were up-regulated, which are involved in enhancing energy expenditure and reducing fat storage.
  3. Potential Explanation of Fat Reduction: The decrease in fat may be partially attributed to the up-regulation of these uncoupling proteins in the skin, including subcutaneous fat.

Where to Buy

Availability and Pricing

USP Labs Products: USP Labs offers a range of products containing Cirsium Oligophyllum whole plant extract, marketed as super thermogenic weight loss supplements. These products are available in three sizes:

  1. Size 1: $28
  2. Size 2: $45
  3. Size 3: $60 .

Online Retail Options

  1. Racer Ephedra: Offers the the lowest prices online

Shipping and Returns

Free Shipping Offers:

  1. Racer Ephedra offers free shipping for orders over $49 and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Additional Products from USP Labs

  1. USP Labs also markets other weight management products such as Stimerex Hardcore with Ephedra, INTIMIDATE SRT, Black Widow, Redux, and Lipodrene Xtreme V2.0.

Consumer Trust and Feedback

  1. The seller maintaining the USP Labs products has a 99.6% positive feedback rating, having sold 758K items, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction and trust.


Throughout this exploration of Cirsium Oligophyllum and its fat-burning properties, we've delved into the scientific mechanisms that underlie its effectiveness as a weight management aid. Key studies have illustrated its capability to enhance lipolysis, particularly when combined with other components like caffeine, and its incorporation into popular dietary supplements signifies its growing acceptance and utility in the fight against obesity. The discourse has highlighted not only the biochemical pathways it activates but also its practical applications, from dietary inclusion to topical applications, underscoring its versatility and potential in promoting healthier body compositions.

Reflecting on the broader implications, the findings surrounding Cirsium Oligophyllum suggest a promising avenue for future research and applications in weight management strategies. While it stands as a valuable component within the arsenal of natural fat-burning ingredients, further human clinical trials are necessary to fully understand its efficacy and safety profile. Nonetheless, its inclusion in products like HyperDrive 4.0 and Hydroxyelite, coupled with its acceptance among consumers, establishes a solid foundation for its continued use and investigation, heralding a natural approach towards achieving and maintaining optimal weight and health.


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