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Immortal AF by SWOLE AF is a unique nutritional supplement offering energy, stamina, recovery, testosterone booster, and estrogen blocker. SWOLE AF is known for its cutting-edge herbal formulas that deliver hardcore results. 

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What are the key ingredients in Immortal AF?

Ashwagandha Root was found in a recent study to have a high statistically reduction in subjects stress levels of the placebo group.  The study investigated the effects on both men and woman. (1)

5a-hydroxylaxogenin an anabolic ingredient on the cutting-edge that has been found to have anabolic properties in rats. Studies on humans are limited with most of them in Russia and Asia. (2)

A recent study showed that DHEA supplementation had a significant increase in testosterone levels over the placebo group. The research investigated the benefits for both males and females. (3)

A review of 4 different clinical trials on Fenugreek concluded that it did have positive benefits on increasing testosterone levels. (4)

What makes Immortal AF different than other supplements?

Immortal AF has a unique herbal blend of both testosterone boosting ingredients combined with estrogen blockers. The added health benefit ingredients support energy, stamina, and recovery to make a complete bodybuilding lifestyle complex.

What are people saying about Immortal AF?

The overall reviews online for Immortal AF have been positive. People report feeling more energy and more like a man which would most likely related to testosterone levels. People seems to enjoy better workouts and recovery.


Vitamin B6(as pyridoxine HCl) 2mg
Vitamin B12(as methylcobalamin) 0.05mg
Tribulus Terrestris 45% saponins 500mg
Fenugreek 50% 500mg
Ashwagandha Root 2.5% 600mg
5a-hydroxylaxogenin 200mg (Laxogenin)
DHEA 100mg
Anti E Complex 75mg

Directions: Take 3 capsules once daily.

Eric J.

Love this stuff. As I have gotten older I've gained weight and had less energy. I decided to give this a try as other products and diets haven't helped. I wish I would have found this product sooner. I have more energy and have started to lose weight and feel that I am getting stronger. It hasn't been a month yet but I am excited to see how much more weight I will lose.

Stewart L.

Immortal is a great all around product. Taken 1 bottle already and like the gains I see. Energy level has improved greatly and recovery from workouts is faster. Building more muscle and getting leaner. 

Al B.

Like this product so far. Feel great with more energy. Noticeable strength gains in a month of taking. Recovery time has been quicker.