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Metabotrol offers an herbal supplement powered by 25mg of ephedra plus the weight loss power of synepherine, Hoodia Gordoni, caffeine, and more. Many ephedra diet pills have labels that you can't understand a single ingredient in them.

Metabotrol offers essential weight loss herbs that have been successful for years.

Metabotrol has no tricks or gimmicks just the best herbal weight loss ingredients. If a person looks at any diet pill they can find these core ingredients. Unlike other products with tons of other ingredients to trick you with no real value, Metabotrol delivers just the metabolic fuel a person needs to achieve their goals.

The best herbal supplement ingredient for weight loss and fat burning is ephedra. Find 25mg of herbal ephedra that has been the cornerstone of any successful diet pill.

The combination of caffeine and white willow bark (aspirin) makes an ECA stack which is the most successful formulation for an ephedra diet pill. ECA stands for ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin.

Synepherine or bitter orange is a metabolism calorie booster that works without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.(1) Hoodia Gordoni is a herbal ingredient from cacti that supports appetite control.

Guarana is the herbal form of caffeine. Green tea leaves works as both an antioxidant to support removal of harmful byproducts from burning calories and as a metabolic booster.(2) Yohimbine is a thermogenic fat burner that uses heat to increase calorie production.(3) Chromium is an essential mineral the metabolism needs to function properly in burning calories.

Ephedra Supplements Ingredients:
Serving Size: 1
Capsule Sevings Per Container: 100

Amount Per Serving Mahuang Ephedra Extract  25mg (Does Not Contain Ephedra Alkaloids)

Caffeine Anhydrous USP 200mg
Bitter Orange Synepherine 200mg
Hoodia Gordoni  200mg
Guarana Extract Caffeine 100mg
Green Tea Leaves  50mg
White Willow Bark 50mg
Yohimbine 4mg
Chromium 100mcg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Directions: For explosive results Take 2 capsules one time per day with meals.

Richard B.

it does the job good product for energy will buy again