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Zenatrol is a high energy ephedra diet pill with 167.5mg of ma huang that is legal for sale online at Racer Ephedra. Zenatrol is made by Foundation Nutriceuticals one of the leaders in ephedra supplements for decades. Zenatrol is designed as a potent metabolic booster to increase energy to support weight loss.

Ma Huang Pills

Zenatrol offers a powerful combination of ephedra, caffeine, synephrine, and more in its proprietary blend. A recent study wanted to determine the benefits of ephedrine, synephrine, and caffeine on body composition and metabolism. The experimental groupl received dosages of 20mg ephedrine, 5mg synephrine, and 200mg caffeine twice a day for 8 weeks. The results were a significant more weight loss and fat loss than the placebo group. (1)

Ephedra (ma haung) is widely used for decades now as the leading fat burning ingredient that supports an increase in calorie burn over resting metabolic rate. With 167.5mg of ma huang that is standardized to 10mg of ephedrine, Zenatrol offers one of the strongest ephedra diet pills on the market today. (2)

Guarana extract is the herbal form of caffeine that is often used in weight loss pills for its stimulant properties. At 455mg of caffeine, Zenatrol is one of the highest combinations of ephedra and caffeine you can find in a supplement.

Bitter Orange is the herb with synephrine as its primary active ingredient. Synephdrine is popular in weight loss supplements as it is known for its metabolic boosting properties without increases in heart rate or blood pressure.

The proprietary blend for Zenatrol is one of the trade secrets from Foundation Nutriceuitcals to keep competitors from copying this effective product.

Ephedra Difference

The main difference between Zenatrol and other ephedra diet pills is the high dosage of ephedra and caffeine. With 167.5mg of ephedra and 455mg of caffeine this is the highest dosage sold at Racer Ephedra.

Zenatrol Reviews

The overall perception of Zenatrol is that it is a strong energy supplement that some people have found success with.

Achieve Best Results

Zenatrol is recommended to be taken 30 min. prior to exercise. With all diet pills the best results occur with a healthy diet and build intensity exercise program.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 120

Amount Per Capsule

Panthohenic Acid (calcium) 20mg
Ma Huang (standardized to 10mg of ephedrine) 167.5mg
Bitter Orange 42.5mg
Guarana Extract 455mg

Proprietary Blend 195mg

Directions: tomaintain energy and increase your fat burning metabolism take one capsule approximately 30 mintues before exercise

Lauren C.

caps work great love the energy as now essential part of my plan

Deb A.

I like the product got it fast so far happy would recommend

Fred R.

closes thing to Xenadrine I have used, tons of energy and curbs appetite