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AR 1500 by Freedom Pharma delivers legal DMAA for a high energy and effective weight loss supplement. DMAA has been the most in demand weight loss compound since the ban on ephedra alkaloids. AR 1500 has the ability to deliver the energy people have been looking for.

1,3-dimethylamylamine or DMAA is a strong stimulant. Research has shown that taking a nutritional supplement with DMAA combined with caffeine can improve neurocognitive performance over placebos. (1)

DMAA is considered a natural stimulant with amphetamine-like properties that have been shown in research to improve weight loss and athletic performance. (2)

Synephdrine has become a popular weight loss compound for its ability to boost metabolism without raising blood pressure or heart rate. (3) AR 1500 is one of the only DMAA supplements to combine these two highly effective compounds.

GW501516 is an active receptor that is involved in fat metabolism in muscle cells. (4) Researchers theorize that PAR & beta and delta; agonists like GW501516 have the ability to increase fatty acid catabolism, cholesterol efflux, and energy production in muscle tissue.

AR 1500 offers a proprietary blend of 1,500mg of energy and weight loss compounds. The key ingredient is 1,3 DMAA which has become a hot energy compound. What makes AR 1500 unique is the combination of synephrine and fat metabolism receptors like GW501516.

Racer Ephedra has become a leader in offering cutting edge weight loss supplements including products with DMAA at low costs with free shipping. Find the best weight loss and energy supplements from the large selection ready to ship.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size; 3 capsules
Servings Per Container: 28

Assult Riffle Blend 1,500mg
Beta PEA, Caffeine Anhydrous, 1,3 DMAA, 5 HTP, Synephdrine, GW501516, SR9009, Alpha Yohimbe

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