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Ignite your weight loss journey with Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, the ultimate thermogenic weapon in your fitness regimen. Designed to provide unrivaled intensity, this powerful supplement offers a thermogenic and energy experience like no other, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster than ever before.

With a precisely dosed formula, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite has been proven effective in clinical studies. In an 8-week study, participants using this remarkable supplement lost an average of 3.7 lbs., compared to the placebo group who only shed 1.25 lbs. Both groups followed a low-calorie diet and incorporated moderate exercise into their routines. This means that when paired with a healthy lifestyle, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite can supercharge your weight loss efforts.

But that's not all - this incredible formula also boosts energy, focus, and performance. Packed with a scientifically researched dose of caffeine anhydrous, it provides the mental and physical stimulation needed to power through even the most intense workouts. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to renewed energy and enhanced concentration.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

What sets Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite apart from other weight loss supplements is its unique blend of ingredients. Alongside caffeine anhydrous, it contains sensory-enhancing components that heighten your senses and take your workouts to the next level. Experience the rush of energy as you push yourself further than ever before.

Fuel your most intense workouts and tackle every day with confidence – Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is here to help you achieve the body you've always desired. Take control of your weight loss journey and unleash your full potential with this exceptional thermogenic supplement.

Where to Buy

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One of the key features of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is its powerful thermogenic properties. This means that it can increase your body's metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day. By boosting your metabolism, you can potentially see faster and more noticeable results in your weight loss journey.

Additionally, this supplement is designed to provide an energy boost, which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to workouts and staying active. Whether you're hitting the gym or just trying to stay energized throughout the day, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite can give you the extra push you need.

Weight Loss Products

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Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients play a vital role in any product, especially when it comes to weight loss supplements. In the case of this particular formula, there are three key ingredients that are worth highlighting.

The first active ingredient is C. Canephora Robusta, which is found in a potent 200mg dosage in this formula. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to be a weight loss driver. In fact, it has been studied in two separate research studies and has consistently shown to support healthy weight loss. This means that it can help you shed those extra pounds and achieve your weight loss goals.

The second key ingredient is Coleus, which is derived from the root of a member of the mint family. This plant supplement has been used traditionally for centuries and is now included in this formula at a dosage of 100mg. While its exact mechanism of action is still being studied, Coleus has shown promising results in terms of weight loss. By including Coleus in this formula, the product aims to harness the potential benefits of this unique plant supplement.

Last but not least, we have L-Theanine, an ingredient that contributes to the sensory experience of this formula. When combined with other potent ingredients, L-Theanine delivers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that sets this product apart from others on the market. While it may not directly contribute to weight loss, it adds an additional layer to the overall effectiveness and enjoyment of the product.

It's important to note that these active ingredients work synergistically with each other and with the other components of the formula. This means that they complement and enhance each other's effects, resulting in a powerful weight loss supplement.

Correspondingly, this formula contains three key active ingredients: C. Canephora Robusta, Coleus, and L-Theanine. These ingredients have been carefully selected for their scientifically backed benefits and their potential to support healthy weight loss. By including these ingredients in this formula, the product aims to provide users with a unique and effective weight loss experience.

C. Canephora Robusta

C. Canephora Robusta, commonly known as green coffee bean extract, has been found to possess anti-adipogenic and anti-obesity effects. In a study conducted in vitro and in vivo, researchers investigated the impact of this extract on adipogenesis, the process by which preadipocytes develop into mature fat cells.

The study focused on 3T3-L1 preadipocytes, which are commonly used as a model for studying adipogenesis. The researchers discovered that when these cells were treated with 100 and 500 μg/mL of C. Canephora Robusta extract, the insulin-induced adipogenesis was inhibited by 25.6% and 87.9% respectively. This means that the extract effectively reduced the formation of fat cells in this experimental setup.

Furthermore, the expression of genes involved in adipogenesis was down-regulated in response to the treatment with C. Canephora Robusta extract. This suggests that the extract may have a regulatory effect on the genes responsible for fat cell development, further supporting its anti-adipogenic properties.

Moving on to in vivo studies, researchers examined the effects of C. Canephora Robusta extract on body weight gain in mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD). The mice were divided into different groups, with some receiving a diet supplemented with 0.3% or 1% of the extract, while others were fed a normal diet.


The results showed that the body weight gains of mice fed a HFD were suppressed in a concentration-dependent manner when treated with C. Canephora Robusta extract. In particular, mice fed with 1% of the extract exhibited a significantly lower weight gain compared to those on a normal diet.

These findings suggest that C. Canephora Robusta extract has the potential to help combat obesity and regulate weight gain. It appears to inhibit the development of fat cells and may have a regulatory effect on genes involved in adipogenesis.

It is important to note that this research was conducted in controlled laboratory settings, and further studies are needed to fully understand the effects of C. Canephora Robusta extract on human metabolism and weight management. Nonetheless, these findings provide valuable insights into the potential benefits of this extract in addressing adipogenesis and obesity-related issues.

Conversely, C. Canephora Robusta extract shows promise as an anti-adipogenic and anti-obesity agent based on both in vitro and in vivo studies. Its ability to inhibit adipogenesis and regulate body weight gain in mice is encouraging, although more research is required to determine its effectiveness and safety for human use.

Diet Pills

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a popular diet pill that many people turn to when they are looking to shed some extra pounds. If you're considering trying it out, it's important to know how to take it properly to get the best results.

To begin with, it's recommended that you start by assessing your tolerance to the product. For the first three days, take one capsule of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite twice daily. This will help your body adjust to the formula and minimize any potential side effects.

Once you've assessed your tolerance and feel comfortable, you can increase the dosage. From day four onwards, take two capsules of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite twice daily. It's important to note that you should never exceed four capsules within a 24-hour period.

In terms of timing, it's best to take each serving of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite 30 to 60 minutes before your two largest meals of the day. This allows the ingredients in the pill to be absorbed and start working effectively.

To achieve the best results with Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, there are a few additional recommendations to keep in mind. Firstly, it's important to avoid snacking between meals. This will help control your calorie intake and ensure that you're not sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Staying hydrated is also crucial when taking Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. Aim to drink at least 10 glasses of water each day. This will not only help with digestion but also keep you feeling full and satisfied.

It's worth noting that you should avoid taking Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite within five hours of bedtime. The product contains caffeine and other stimulants, which could interfere with your sleep quality if taken too close to bedtime.

Optimal Results

For optimal results, it's recommended to use Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite for a minimum of 60 days, in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Remember that diet pills are not magic solutions and should be used as part of an overall weight loss plan.

Before starting any supplement, it's always important to read the entire label and follow the directions provided. This will ensure that you're using the product correctly and safely.

Emphatically, taking Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite involves assessing your tolerance, gradually increasing the dosage, timing your intake before meals, avoiding snacking, staying hydrated, and using it in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise routine. Remember to always read the label and follow the directions for the best results.


Coleus forskohlii, commonly known as coleus, is a plant that has gained popularity in recent years for its potential weight loss benefits. However, the results of studies suggest that while coleus forskohlii extract (CF) may not directly promote weight loss, it may help mitigate weight gain in overweight females.

In a study conducted on overweight females, researchers found that there were no significant differences in caloric or macronutrient intake between the group taking CF and the control group. This means that CF did not affect the participants' food consumption or nutrient intake.

However, the study did show some promising results when it came to weight management. The group taking CF tend to have less gains in body mass and scanned mass compared to the control group. Although these differences were not statistically significant, they suggest that CF may have a positive effect on preventing weight gain.

Interestingly, there were no significant differences observed in fat mass, fat free mass, or body fat between the CF group and the control group. This means that CF did not have a significant impact on these body composition measurements.

It's important to note that the study found no clinically significant side effects associated with CF supplementation. This is reassuring for those considering using coleus forskohlii extract as a weight management tool.

Weight Loss Solution

Overall, while coleus forskohlii extract may not be a magic solution for weight loss, it does show promise in mitigating weight gain. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your individual needs.

Remember, weight management is a complex process that involves various factors such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Adding coleus forskohlii extract to your routine may be one piece of the puzzle, but it should be complemented with a healthy lifestyle overall.

I hope this information helps clarify the potential benefits of coleus forskohlii extract for weight management. As always, make informed decisions and prioritize your health and well-being.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings Per Container: 50

caffeine anhydrous 270mg
green coffee extract (c. canephora robusta) 200mg
coleus extract (coleus forskohlil) 100mg
L-theanine 100mg
cocoa extract 100mg
yohimbe extract 56mg


Kim, J., Jang, J.Y., Cai, J. et al. Ethanol extracts of unroasted Coffea canephora robusta beans suppress adipogenesis in preadipocytes and fat accumulation in rats fed a high-fat diet. Food Sci Biotechnol 23, 2029–2035 (2014).

Henderson, S., Magu, B., Rasmussen, C. et al. Effects of Coleus Forskohlii Supplementation on Body Composition and Hematological Profiles in Mildly Overweight Women. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2, 54 (2005).

Mirabelle P.

Awesome fat burner!! I've seen great results adding this along with my cardio workouts and diet.

Karoline M.

In 2 months i've lost 15 lbs and feel great. I have seen better results when started adding a healthier diet to it. Energy is way up and now working out 5 days a week. Great product.

Kellie B.

I got nauseous the first time I took these. Now I take them with food and have had no issues. I get a good boost of energy with these. It works like supposed to if you eat well and workout together.