White Willow Bark

White willow bark extract is a common ingredient in diet pills especially ephedra diet pills. The bark from willow trees is used for herbal supplements and it is its key similarity to aspirin that makes white willow bark popular. Willow bark contains the active ingredient salicin which has similar properties to aspirin.

Benefits of White Willow Bark

White willow bark is commonly referred to as an herbal form of aspirin as it is the aspirin like properties that make people are searching for when taking it. White willow bark has been taken for a long list of different issues including headaches, muscle pain, different forms of arthritis, cramping, and reduction in fevers. (1)

White Willow Bark and Weight Loss

If you check the label of many if not all the ephedra diet pills sold today, you will find the ingredient white willow bark. As aspirin has no metabolic boosting properties why would be so popular. The answer lies with the research that shows the combination of ephedrine or ephedra with aspirin has an increased thermogenic effect. In one study alone the combination of ephedrine and aspirin the subjects lost 75% more body fat than the placebo group. (2)

The thermogenic boosting properties of combining aspirin with ephedra is the reason that most ephedra diet pills are ECA stacks. ECA stands for ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin. Caffeine is another ingredient that has shown to have increased effect when combined with ephedra. White willow bark takes the place of aspirin in herbal supplements. (3)

White Willow Bark Dosages

There is a wide range of dosages of white willow bark in weight loss supplements. Pure Ephedra 100 consists of 125mg while Green Stinger contains 300mg. A study focusing on obese women used a combination of 30mg of ephedra with 300mg of white willow bark for positive effects. (4)

White Willow Bark for Sale

Racer Ephedra has a large selection of diet pills with white willow bark included. As stated earlier it is the combination of ephedra and aspirin that has the increased thermogenic properties. This is why white willow bark is part of most effective weight loss formulas that have ephedra as one of the main ingredients.

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