Supplement Facts/ Nutritional Ingredient Information

At Racer Ephedra, the goal is to offer the best nutrition information that is accurate as possible on what is in each of the different products and what the ingredients are designed to do. As Racer Ephedra does not do any of its own research, the authors rely on multiple different sources to create the best product description possible.
Where does the information on each product come from?
The main source of information for each product comes from the manufacturers. Each product typically has some sort of summary on goal for the product and anything makes the product standout which is often directly sent to Racer Ephedra in marketing materials. The key information gathered for each product is the Supplement Facts or the ingredient nutritional label.
The ingredients for each product is a major source of information that is used to describe each supplement.
Where does the information for each ingredient come from?
Racer Ephedra offers descriptions of the uses and benefits for many of the different ingredients used in each supplement. The authors at Racer Ephedra spend countless time doing research on what each of these ingredients are designed to do. You can find the references for this information in the Shop by Ingredient category where an extensive description for each ingredient is listed. With each of the different descriptions in the Shop by Ingredient will be links to the resources used to gather this information.
For example, you may read information about Senegalia Berlandieri Extract in a product description though the Senegalia Berlandieri Extract (Shop by Ingredient) page offers greater detail and resources for the information.
Are there any claims made by any of the supplements?
Racer Ephedra does not make any claims that any product will achieve any goal including weight loss. The goal of the product descriptions is designed to offer information on what the ingredients uses and benefits are. Individual results will vary depending on a long list of items including sleep, exercise, diet, overall health, and more.
What is the goal of the product descriptions?
The team at Racer Ephedra’s goal is to deliver the most accurate information on nutritional supplement ingredients that allow for the consumer to make informed choices on what is the right product for them.